Update: We have greatly reduced our online store in order to focus on other creative endeavors at the moment. Please check back in the near future, or feel free to contact us with any questions or requests.

"Out past the edge of the land is nothingness. And deep in the center of nothingness is that which you are seeking." 

THE LOST CAMP creates new ritual goods for life and home.

After collaborating within the contemporary art world for sixteen years as THE FLUFF CONSTRUCT, Ethan Kruszka (St. Paul, MN) and Mikel Durlam (Brooklyn, NY) have created The Lost Camp as a synthesis for their love of design, handmade production and visual poetry.

The Lost Camp's inaugural series is an exploration in design conceptually linked by a dreamlike geography and personally symbolic materials. BLACK APOLLO ISLAND is born from our longing for new ceremony and ritual.

Their subsequent series, MOON IS WOMAN, embraces the unknown rather than that which is fully illuminated. It is in search of the relational rather than the empirical, radical balance rather than patriarchal force, empowering discomfort rather than sedated beauty.

All objects are created by hand in our Brooklyn, NY and St. Paul, MN studios.